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2014 is going to be amazing for my Blue Program.     Right from the start of the show year, I had a Snow Mink male (Blue Carrier) start to show as a kitten.    Within a few months, his boning, muscle and structure starting coming in and he began getting 5 - 7 finals a show!!!      He's currently rated the #3 Bengal Kitten (all colors) in the world - as of 7/23/14.        Traipse Mondo Macadamia


#3 Bengal Kitten in the TICA WORLD!   as of 7/23/14


BIg Mac is simply incredible....  The BEST Snow male here ever produced together with a personality that wins over all the judges and admirers that he meets!


Stunning contrast, pattern and structure.     His muscle tone is coming in and he's just amazing!       18 Finals so far and one more show to go to as a Kitten.       Hope to see you in Novi, MI on 8/1,2 and 3 :)


BIg Mac will be making his Adult show debut in New Jersey and then at the TICA annual in August 2014.


Showed in Ferndale 07/14!


MacGuyver (call name) showed for the first time in July and did pretty well.....     Jay Bangle judged him along side the bengal group since he was the only New Trait and told us that he would have gotten a 2nd in Breed if he was an approved color!


This kitten was known as "Smith" growing up here and is in a Pet Home.

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