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We are located in Washington State near Seattle in a suburb city called Issaquah. We are a premier Bengal cat breeder proudly breeding the most beautiful and adorable Bengal kittens.

There's always a special bond between a cat and their owner. A cat is a great pet in so many ways.  Cats are loving, loyal, independent and self sufficient when you need them to be and overall they are just a joy to have,   There are so many different breeds of cats, but a particularly interesting one is the Bengal cat.   I believe that the connection between humans and Bengals is even stronger than with most cats.



$1,500 - $2,400 for Marbled Blue Kittens

$2,400 - $4,500 for Rosette Spotted Kittens

$7,500 - $10,000 for Breeding rights - please email to see if you qualify


 ​The Bengal cat comes from the Asian Leopard Cat and very much resembles a Leopard - That's one exciting reason to own a Bengal cat, its like owning an exotic animal.    Beautiful color, Spunky temperament, natural hunting instincts, and unconditional love for their owners, who wouldn't want to own one. Finding the perfect cattery/location for your Bengal cat can be a difficult task. Here at Traipse Bengals, our goal is to provide our families with top quality Bengal cats.

All of our Bengal cats that we use for breeding are kept healthy to ensure the safety of all cats involved.  One look at our adorable Bengal kittens, and you'll fall right in love just like we did so many years ago.  We have champion Bengal kittens that are bred from champion Bengal cats.    We've had 6 champion Bengals in 2011 and 6 more in 2012.\

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find Traipse Bengals to have the perfect Bengal cat you've been looking for.  Please feel free to browse through our website and learn more about our breeding process and why we have maintained a successful relationship with the people who've adopted from us. We are located near Seattle in Issaquah, Washington and can service clients all over the US, Canada and Internationally with our safe and reliable shipping services for our Bengal cats. We look forward to hearing from you.


2011 - 2014!  (Until Program ended)

What I strive for here at Traipse is to offer exceptional quality Bengals to the best home/partners available for a reasonable price.   Talk to any breeder and they will all tell you that the hobby/business of breeding Bengals is expensive.  There are twists and turns at every corner -  Expenses that you just can't foresee but need to somehow plan for.  Surprises that can be both heart warming and heart breaking.     I LOVE it though - the joy that I receive from a pile of kittens playing on the bed in the morning with my dog Vladimir is just priceless!  Living the experience of bringing these beautiful babies into the world when they are born is witnessing a miracle and is simply wondrous.   My most fun surprise was how happy I felt when I let one of my babies go to their new homes and seeing the joy and pride in these Bengals new "housemates" eyes and soul     It feels amazing. 


There are many qualities of a breeder that you may want to be aware of.  Please check out the TICA website for information on how to choose a cattery.

TICA Outstanding Cattery Designation for 2011 - This is the first year for Traipse with this designation and I am very proud of the program and facilities that I am building for all of my animals!   At the time of this posting, there are only 13 Bengal Breeders with this designation internationally!    

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