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Traipse Blu Baloo
Blue Rosette Spotted Male Bengal
CFA:  920r-02597591
CFA Champion - May 2018





  Dam:  Liberty     


Baloo is the only Big Mac boy that I've kept for myself!  :)

He has the distinct and gorgeous pattern of his sire without even a hint of rib bars or striped....   This is one "all rosette Spotted" boy.   

Technically, he is a "Brown" and not a "Snow/Seal Mink" like his father so this boy will be better for my Blue breeding program as he offers the darker blue coloring that comes with the cats that are not Snows.    Yet, he'll still be able to produce a Blue Snow every now and again -   He has almost a 3 dimensional texture to his coat and it's full of glitter and shine that creates that most interesting coloring I've ever seen in a bengal - Glitter is even in the fur under his eyes :)    If you get the chance to see his coloring in the sunlight, please do it -  It is spectacular 


Dennis Ganoe (A CFA Judge) showed Baloo at many of the CFA shows to help get the Bengals brought into "Championship" with this organization!     Thanks Dennis and Judy!    Baloo came back to Traipse to continue Breeding.     Baloo was shown at the first ever CFA show allowing Bengals officially!    He became Champion.



Baloo's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                                  

              Snow/Colorpoint:  Carries Sepia - C/Cb

              PK Def:    N/K (Carrier for PK Def)

              Agouti:   Sire Ad/Ad, Dam unknown

              Marble:  only sire is carrier

              Dilute:  d/d     He is a Dilute/Blue

              Long Hair:    Sire N/N, Dam unknown

              PRA Bengal:  N/PRA (Carrier for PRA B)

              HCM/Heart Scan:  2-26-18 Normal

              Generation to his Closest Wild Ancestor:  11

(Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


         Sire:  RW SGC Big Mac

Heart/HCM Scan on 2-26-18 by Vet Cardiologist - Dr. Woodfield               (Full report in Photo Gallery below)


Pictures, Pedigree & HCM Scan for Baloo below: 
Awards and Ribbons for Baloo below: 
Pictures of Kittens from Baloo below: 
Pictures of Baloo (The Genie) as a Kitten below:  
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