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Thank you for considering a Traipse Blue Bengal.     

Whether you have come to this page because you are a Breeder looking to expand your program or a Pet Client that is interested in the newest traits, styles and patterns in thier new companion -   You've come to a great place.   
You should know that I strive for the "Type" and "Standard" of the "Bengal Cat" by TICA standards together with my own personal standards for the breed and this color.     I think contrast is extremely important due to the dilution of the coloring in this color -  it's what gives Dudley his gorgeous pattern!    All of my cats/kittens (regardless of color) are also bred for temperament -  I know that 99% of my kittens go to homes to be pets means that I have a responsibility to bring cats into this world that will enhance our home lives...  This is where the fine tuning of breeding comes in -   You want the wild look/pattern combined with a touch of "wild" personality -  just enough to make them the most fun pet you may every enjoy living with!   (and not so much that they won't be happy as inside only cats or that you'd be nervous sleeping with them around :)
 Please let me know if you don't see the exact kitten you are interested in -   They may be growing up here and not old enough to make it to the website or I may have a kitten that I've been holding back to evaluate for keeping in my program/showing.      Many times the Best of the Best are not put up on the website as I'm holding them back to evaluate for my own program.   Please understand that pricing changes for many factors and I always honor the price that is listed on this website.   If we are in current discussions regarding a particular kitten/cat, I am usually able/willing to hold a lower price for a week or so so that you can make your final decision -  Just ask, OK?


If I feel a kitten is of Breeding or Show Quality it's because of many factors -   quality of parents, how close the cat fits the Bengal Standard (removing the Coloring of Blue/Dilute from the equation), Personality/Temperament and various other factors.     These are usually the best in the litter but it doesn't mean that one of the other kittens wouldn't make great breeding cats -   This is just my way of differentiating  kittens that are listed in this section.   They may be good Breeders or they may make great/good show cats.   I'll do my best to express my thoughts on the individual kittens.      Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion -    I am fairly picky on what I like and can tell you that most every cat that I believe to be a Show Quality Cat gets a Champion title at the least....   Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and most judges don't agree most of the time on the best kittens and cats.      Some of my Pet Kittens have gone on to have strong show careers!

​I am very interested in working with breeders or clients that would like to show their kittens/cats in areas outside of mine -   I want to give some of my BEST CATS to people like you so that I can continue to build my reputation as a quality bengal breeder.     Even though Blue Bengals are not yet accepted by TICA, it's important to show them in New Traits so that they become more popular and are seen by more judges, breeders and pet owners.
I ship anywhere a plane will fly Bengals to legally.      I like to work with new breeders and established breeders and have a wonderfully diverse group of genetics here and can often help in putting together a few high quality cats for new breeding programs.     I am licensed by the USFW and have flown kittens to many states and countries and have happy clients and Bengals everywhere without incident.     I am a TICA "Outstanding Breeder" and a TIBCS "Breeder of Distinction" making you secure in the knowledge that you will be treated well and honestly.
Note:   All Blue Kittens or Blue Carrier Kittens will require contracts where you will need to disclose the fact that Dilute in in this cats line -    This will help to keep Brown Lines pure for future generations!    DNA tests are only $40 for those curious about specific traits.
Contracts are always done before any funds change hands!

Blue Kittens

Please inquire about the status of my Blue kittens and consider coming on to my Waitlist to mark your place in line for choosing a kitten from a future litter.   All current blues are available
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