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Traipse Macs Last Nut
Blue Rosette Spotted Female Bengal
TICA:  SBT 012818 027





Dam:  Liberty

Hazelnut is the last female from Big Mac and Liberty and I couldn't be more thrilled with her quality!

She is just a baby right now, but she will be shown in CFA and I hope that she will be giving us kittens early 2019.



Liberty's Genotype Information for Bengal Breeders:                                  

              Snow/Colorpoint:  C/cb - Carries Sepia

              PK Def:  N/K - Carries for PK Def

              Agouti:   Sire Ad/Ad, Dam ?

              Marble:  TaM/Tab - Carries for Marble

              Dilute:  d/d     She is a Dilute/Blue

              Long Hair:    Sire N/N, Dam ?

              PRA Bengal:  N/N -  No PRAB

              Closest generation to her Wild Ancestor:  11

 (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


  Sire:  RW SGC "Big Mac"


Heart/HCM Scan - Normal on 7-27-20

Pictures, Pedigree & Health info for Hazelnut below: 
Pictures of Blue Kittens from Hazelnut below (Coming 2019): 
Pictures of Hazelnut as a kitten below: 
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