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Akupella Liberty Belair of Traipse
Blue Rosette Spotted Female Bengal
SBT 033113 047 





         Sire:  Mozart

No one other than Big Mac has done more for my Blue Program than Liberty!    She came to me as an adult -  a gorgeous girl who's larger than most of my females and has a stunning rosette spotted pattern.      She is also a complete sweetheart -   Always comes up to the front of the kennel to be pet and connected with!    I just love this girl.  


Thank you to Newton and Rachel Peterson of Leo's World Bengals for trusting me to take care of this girl and to let her continue to breed and mother future litters -    I know how hard of a decision it was to let her come to Seattle.    Thank you!!


Liberty is now done with breeding and has already found her "forever home" -  We wish these new Bengal Companions many happy years with this sweet girl!     Both Baloo Bear and Hazelnut will carry on Liberty's legacie :)



Liberty's Genotype Information:                                  

              Snow/Colorpoint:   C/C expressed so far

              PK Def:    N/K (Carrier for PK Def)

              Agouti:   Not tested

              Marble:  TaM/TaM (Spot only girl!)

              Dilute:  d/d     She is a Dilute/Blue

              Long Hair:    Not tested

              PRA Bengal:  N/PRA (Carries for this disease)

              Closest generation to her Wild Ancestor:  12

    Dam:  Harmony  


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Pictures & Pedigree info for Liberty below: 
Pictures of Blue Kittens from Liberty below: 
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