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The Bengal Breed Originator and Epitimee's Breeder

Jean Mill has been given credit for creating the hybrid versions of the Asian Leopard Cats or "Bengals" that are now recognized by TICA.   This video is the retirement video produced by Anthony Hutcheson and includes pictures and video's or her cattery and many of the foundation ALC's and Bengals that started so many of the Bengals programs around.


Please keep an eye out for "Epitimee" and "Epitimiss" in the video....   Epitimee was the first stud here at Traipse and brother to my 2nd pet Bengal, Sire to my 3rd pet Bengal  and one of the reasons I became a Bengal Breeder.  I was SO lucky to start off with him!  These two cats are accredited with helping to bring in the rosette patterns that are highly valued in the Bengal breed and only really came about in the domestic lines about 20 years after that start of the breed (about the year 2000 or so)

Epitimee is even pictured on page 60 of the "Bengal Cat" book by Barron's -   still current and available on

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