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CFA has accepted Blues!


Baloo Bear (Traipse Blu Baloo) has been showed by a CFA Judge for the past many months in order to help Bengals be fully recognized.    Dennis and Judy showed him at many shows and helped both with the Bengal breed in general but also brought a huge spotlight on to the Blue Coloring.    The color of Baloo's coat is something you have to see in person to appreciate all the aspects of how it glitters, moves, shines and lays....   Really, it is just spectacular.

Well, Everyone's hard work has been rewarded -     As of 5/1/18, the Bengals are going to be fully accepted into CFA and that includes the BLUES!    I can hardly wait to show this boy as an adult :)  



Baloo Bear (Traipse Blu Baloo)

It took me 4 years before a Blue Boy was born from Big Mac that I thought was good enough to keep/show.    The timing on this boy was perfect as CFA was going to allow us to show blues and compete against the other colors of Bengals.

As of 5/1/18 -  Baloo will be able to be shown as an adult in CFA to see if we can get him a good title :)    Wish us luck!


Dudley - My first Blue Bengal.

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