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Lileopard Antique Velvet of Traipse   SBT  050212 022


Velvet is my first Blue Female Bengal!       She is a sheeted marble (non-spotted) and this type of pattern is credited for highly contrasted rosette patterns in thier offspring.       Velvet comes from some very nice line like Drinkwater, Azana Bengals and Jungletrax - I thank  Cheradee for letting me have such a pretty girl :)

Blue Bengals are not a recognized color in the Bengal Standard at TICA -   They are a naturally occuring trait within the breed so this will hopefully change as it is a STUNNING color option.      The color is kind of grey with a Tawny color washing over the cat.     Think of a favorite pair of old washed out blue jeans,  antique velvet or so much of the colors from stores like Restoration Hardware!  

Most of Velvets kittens will be "Brown or Seal/Snow" as the blue color comes from the "Dilute" color gene and is recessive.    Meaning, it needs to be in both the Dam and Stud for it to come into kittens.      Velvets first Blue Litter is here and I am amazed at the warm tones and the gorgeous rosette patterns of her and Dudley's kittens!!!

Pictures & Pedigree for Velvet below: 
Pictures of past Blue Kittens from Velvet are below:
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