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Blue Spotted Female Bengal
SBT 072413 021 





Sire:  Dudley Blu Right       Dam:  Antiqued Velvet       (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Wednesday is my first blue bengal girl that I've kept here for my own breeding program but she's not been a successful breder so it's time to retire her.


She has a beautiful heart shaped rosette on her side and has just won us over with her love and fun personality!      Wednesday is a small and delicate girl and her size works great for apartment living and/or for a more quiet lifestyle.


Wednesday loves to be "scritched" on her shoulders, her back and at the base of her tail.    She has been retired now and living in the lap of luxury in  Lacey!






Wednesday's Genotype Information:                                  

              Snow/Colorpoint:  C/Cs -  Carries Seal Lynx Point

              PK Def:    Negative/Negative

              Agouti:   Ad/Ad   (Does not carry for Charcoal)

              Marble:  TaM/Tab   (Carries for Marble)

              Dilute:  d/d      She is a Dilute/Blue

              Long Hair:    Not tested - no reason to suspect.

Pictures & Pedigree for Wednesday below: 
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