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Zallycatz DudleyBluRight of Traipse  SBT 051012 021
Blue Spotted Bengal - Cover of BI - 2014!!

DUDLEY Blu Right

Dudley is just a LOVE!!!     So sweet and the most beautiful Blue Bengal that I've ever met!


Dudley's pattern and gorgeous tawny coloring that comes through is just spectacular.   


Dudley's first litters have arrived and there are a number of beautiful kittens starting to grow up....    One of two will be held back for my own breeding program as these kittens will all "Carry Blue"  (Dilute).


Dudley has now been retired and living with his "forever home" -  He didn't have a long breeding career here but we hope to have kept "the best" from him so that we can create the best possible quality blue bengals available!


Dudley was the cover photo of Bengals Illustrated in March, 2014!!!


Pictures & Pedigree for Dudley below: 
Pictures of past Blue Kittens from Dudley are below:
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